Thursday, January 05, 2012

10 reasons why Bangkok is better than KL!!!

1. Elevated pedestrain walkway!

This makes it so much nicer - shielded from the sun and rain, we didn't have to
descend to the road level at all at times!!! Much safer too!

2. Their train system is so much better than the LRT in KL!

The aircond is much better and people

3. Yummy food!!!!!

You can see one of the main factor is pork!!!!

Starbucks there offer Peppermint Mocha!!!!

My personal favourite - Coconut water by the roadside everywhere
and it's really cheap and so delicious!!!!

4. Shopping is great!!!!!!

Roadside stalls everywhere, every night!

You can walk into a shopping mall and buy a Lamboghini!!!!

Chatuchak market!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can get anything!!!!! For a good price too!

And if you run out of money, there's always the mobile bank around!!!

5. Nice river cruises with nice views!

We took a river cruise + buffet dinner. Nice!

6. Clean(er) and dry toilets!!!

7. Tuk-tuk

So fun and so fast too!!!
(Pic taken from the net)

8. Their sky bar is much better and nicer than the ones in KL

We went to the Lebua State Tower. Wonderful place!!! Great service.

9. You can take a photo with Leonardo!!!

And if you have money, you can take photo with a
whole lot of other celebs too - at Madame Tussauds!

10. Nice signs (see the one for toilet)

Oh, they also have a cool "Turn off your mobile phone" clip before the movie which is pretty hilarious, involving a tiger (no pun intended) - but i can't find the clip on Youtube.

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