Thursday, December 01, 2005

When I fall in love

Thanks to Michael, I've been thinking a lot of romantic movies lately. he was asking me for me favourite ones cuz he's in the mood for such movies. Wonder why...? ;-P

So here's my list - it is quite difficult, tho to decide on which movie can be on the list. I mean, to me, "The Village" is a romantic movie!!!! What a woman would do for the man she loves!

Oh well. Here goes:-

1. While you were sleeping - without a doubt, has been the top on my list for ever (altho it now faces tough competition from no. 2)

2. About a boy - what can I say? Hugh Grant, Rachel Weitz, British!

3. Love Actually - prolly the best (and only) movie which depicts love in many different angles

4. My best friend's wedding (is this a romantic show?) - a big surprise on me list since some of u know my opinion on Ms Roberts. But the show is here on the strength of Rupert Everett's brilliant performance - mind you, as a supporting cast so it had to be really exceptional!

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - mind-blowing concept, excellent all round performances!

6. High Fidelity - John Cussack! The whole off-beat thing and tying in music wif love was excellent.

7. Before Sunset - WARNING - dun watch this if you want action. I was surprised at how a movie which just shows 2 adults talking and chatting could be so engaging and entertaining.

8. Beauty and the Beast - the Disney version, with the most delightful songs!

9. Sekai no chûshin de, ai o sakebu (Crying out love from the centre of the world) - ok, strange title - but excellent show, making wonderful use of flashbacks. A must for anyone who had a childhood sweetheart in high school (who hasn't?)

10. Tian Mi Mi (Comrades: Almost a love story) - the only Mandarin show on me list. Ok, have to admit that the person with whom I watched the movie wif had to do wif it being on this list. But really, the movie is prolly the best chinese love story I've seen.

Others which came close (but no champagne!) - Phenomenon (great story, high on feel good factor, wonderful songs, John Travolta as engaging as he ever will be! - if there was a number 11, this is it!), Moulin Rouge (tied at number 11!!!), Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Lawrence, When Brendan Met Trudy, The Phantom of the Opera, Notting Hill (purely on the strength of Hugh Grant... and Notting Hill itself!), Chiedimi se sono felice ("Ask me if I'm happy" - this is not in the top 10 purely cuz I'm not sure if it can be categorised as a romantic show).

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