Thursday, January 26, 2017

Things i look forward to during Chinese New Year

There are many things i look forward to - most of them are food! Haha. No surprises there. The food in this list are the things that i only eat at this time of the year. But the most important things are not food related. I'll keep them for last.

1. Pineapple tarts - my favourite are the ones that my sister buys from her friend. We HAVE  to have this every year. And all other pineapple tarts are compared with this. The crust itself is very buttery and the fillings very generous portions made with real pineapples, nicely balanced taste of sweet and sour.

2. Dried meat - i can eat this non-stop! I eat this on its own or i make a toasted sandwich with cheese! Yummy! Although this is something that is available all year round, it is something i eat only during Chinese New Year. It's a special treat and i like to leave it that way.

Pic taken from the Groupon deal for Loong Kee - of which i have purchased one!

3. Mandarin oranges - i used to absolutely love mandarin oranges, and i used to literally eat them until i fall ill!!! I don't overdo it now but i still eat them. Moderately.

4. Yee sarng - only available during Chinese New Year, i try to eat this as much as i can!

5. New clothes - again, this is one of the things that i can get any time in the year but i will only reward myself during Chinese New Year. This year however, i have not had the time to buy new clothes... well, i did get some jerseys a couple of months ago so that will do and count as my CNY new clothes. The fun now is more to get new clothes for Shona and Gemma!

6. Decorations - red is such a cheerful colour! I love all the red colours i see in the decorations. Feels so festive and so happy!

7. Chinese New Year movies - there was a time when no Chinese New Year will be complete without a Jacky Chan movie! Then he stopped releasing movies during CNY. Even now, it won't be the same without a Jacky Chan or a Chow Sing Chi rerun on TV!!!

There is a Jacky Chan movie this year - and a movie which is 'presented' by Stephen Chow!

8. Lazing around - yeah, either binge watching TV series or just binge sleeping!!! Have a lot of debt to repay.

9. Catching up with friends - this time of the year gives us the excuse to meet up and catch up! Over food, of course!

10. Family - the most important thing? Spending time with my family.

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