Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things I miss

1. Unlimited broadband internet 24-7 in me room*!

2. Showers with consistent hot water and consistent water pressure.

3. Cleaners coming to clean the kitchen, dining and toilets Monday – Friday.

4. Almost always having someone in the kitchen to chat with.

5. Mates living nearby.

6. The view from the 11th floor.

7. Taking a walk around campus and meeting people.

8. Free Japanese movies every Friday nite!

9. Watching footie on the big screen in the SU Bar.

10. Me mates who are still studying will hate me but I really miss attending classes and doing essays!!!!!!!!!

*This includes chatting wif mates on MSN and Skype, playing online games, downloading stuffs *ahem* I mean, sharing stuffs with Uni mates, having information literally at me fingertips!

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